Technology that simplifies shipment tracking

Turn thousands of carrier data points into standardized events to create the perfect post-purchase communication.

Shipment tracking

Standardised states

Normalize raw shipment tracking data from different carriers into one standard.

Real-time data

Update customer shipment statuses and data in real time, without unnecessary delays.

Clear reports

Detailed delivery statistics, return rates, and carrier ratings all in one place.

Technological bridge
between carrier
and e-shop

The Foxdeli platform communicates directly with more than 80 carriers worldwide. Pre-configured connections enable fast and error-free flow of logistics data, which is processed by machine learning into simplified shipment statuses.

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The technological bridge between the carrier and the e-shop
Turning logistics data into action steps

logistics data
into action steps

The system automatically maps raw logistics data from carriers to events that you and your customers will understand. Hundreds of data points are converted into simplified states that make shipment notifications accurate.

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Data from all carriers in one place
for chaos-free delivery

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Real-time data update

The best post-purchase experience is built only on the basis of up-to-date data. Shipment data is updated in real time so that customers always have the most up-to-date information and don't have to wonder where their order is.

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Real-time data updates
Adapt your communication to the international market

Adapt your communication to the international market

Brand communication across international markets is a common challenge for e-shops. With Foxdeli you can set up different post-purchase communication for each market separately. Customize the frequency of notifications, the type of campaigns and the look of the tracking page.

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management easily

Do you manage multiple brands, e-shops in just one or more markets? Foxdeli is designed to meet the needs of the largest e-shops, whose multi-store functionality allows to manage and localize post-purchase communications for multiple brands from a single location.

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Multi-store management easily
Comprehensive delivery overview and reporting

Comprehensive delivery overview and reporting

Optimise your logistics chain based on detailed data that allows you to identify weak points and improve them immediately. Reporting ensures full accountability and transparency of the carriers you use.

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Making the world's e-shops more profitable

Give your customers the ultimate post-purchase experience that will make them forget about the competition.

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