Boost e-shop sales
with post-purchase platform

Increase revenue, retain customers and reduce costs.

Branded communication
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Foxdeli is a post-purchase marketing platform,
which helps e-shops to gain loyal customers
through automated communication during
delivery, increasing sales and deliverability.

The ideal solution for businesses looking to improve customer retention and increase e-shop revenue.

Increase sales

Increase revenue with personalized marketing campaigns on your track & trace page and notification e-mails.

Retain customers

Provide customers with up-to-date information on the status of their shipment and give them an experience they'll be happy to come back for.

Reduce costs

Minimize undelivered and unclaimed parcels. Reduce the number of inquiries to the customer care department.

Start earning on the traffic you leave to the carriers

Enable customers to track shipments on their own track & trace page, send automated e-mails about package status changes, and walk customers through the next 72 hours with the feeling that they never left your e-shop.

29 %higher e-shop traffic
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Start earning on the traffic you leave to the carriers
Turn one-time purchases into recurring ones

Turn one-time purchases into recurring ones

Keep your brand top of mind and drive customers back to your e-store with highly personalised marketing campaigns placed on the track & trace page and in notification e-mails with open rates up to 80 %.

24 %More repeat purchases
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Ease support,
reduce costs

"Where is my order?" is one of the most pressing questions from customers. Reduce support costs by giving customers the updates they crave via e-mail, track & trace pages on desktop and mobile.

52 %fewer customer enquiries
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Ease support, reduce costs

Integration with the most used
e-commerce platforms

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Making the world's e-shops more profitable

Give your customers the ultimate post-purchase experience that will make them forget about the competition.

Dashboard and Track&Trace page

More deliveries and collections

Undelivered and unclaimed e-shop shipments create return shipping costs. Reduce them by proactively communicating via e-mail with customers who have not received their shipment, or whose shipment has been delayed or damaged by the carrier.

75 %fewer undelivered parcels
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More deliveries and collections
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Manage multiple brands and markets from one place

With Foxdeli Markets, you can set up individual post-purchase communications for your brand, assigned to different brands, countries and regions. You can treat each market individually, just as you treat your customers.

10 %higher conversions
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Uncover delivery flaws with new dimension data

Gain absolute control over the delivery of your shipments. Get data on carrier delivery speeds, delivery times and other performance metrics by the carriers you use.

20 %faster delivery
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Uncover delivery flaws with new dimension data

Aggregation of all carriers in one place for chaos-free data

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